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The Ear-Reddening Move by moonphantom The Ear-Reddening Move by moonphantom
I feel bad because I keep using the same model of a go board over and over. But, I keep coming up with new things to do with it, so here it is again.

This wallpaper started when I gave a little lesson on the go to my school’s Asian Culture and Anime Club. To help me explain things I decided to hook my laptop up to a projector and display the go program that I’ve been writing, and I figured the occasion called for a new wallpaper and came up with the idea for this image.

This is a render of Shusaku’s famous Ear-Reddening Move. I don’t know why there are famous go moves, but I do know that I keep running into this one. Some Hikaru No Go fans may recognize this as the move Hikaru commented on in volume 15 when he was looking through old Shusaku kifu.

Anyway, the black stone in the center of the board was just placed by Shusaku, and is said to be impressive because of its influence over the board. Apparently, a doctor watching the game realized that it was a good move because his opponent’s ears turned red – thus the name “ear-reddening move.” If you want a better description of the move, I recommend [link]

I tried to draw the focus to the center stone using a lens flare. I know what I was trying to do, so in my eyes it works. But, what does everyone else think? Thoughts and suggestions would be nice.
1nfiniteSingularity Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The first thing I noticed was the itame grain of the goban.
zephyrworks Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2006
how about adding some blurry effects on the side or something cuz too many stones in a pic reminds me of candies mixed up together.. i think the interesting part in making a go art is choosing an angle that wouldn't make the stones looks scattered but who am i to talk anyway, this aint bad, i like it :)
Sheqel Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2003
hmm the center stone doesn't really draw the attention.. its more likt the light itself does...
the stones themselves are quite cool, but they need more faces, looking at the shadows they cast (some are little jerky). The texture of the board is nice, maybe it should be a raytracing material :nod:
and uh.. the sides of the board looks like its half a tree because of the concentric circles... You may want to apply another texture on the sides. And in the very lower-right corner the perspective got out of range.

hmm reminds me of Menthos (dunno of you know that)

(why am i the first to comment comething cool as this, and why is it hardly viewed by anyone)

nice thingy though the setupo of the stones was quite a work i guess?
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